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Rachael Hosken Ruddick

An early career in luxury goods and a life-long passion for design has seen Rachael Hosken Ruddick take Australian-designed accessories to a new level. After nearly 15 years spent with the LVMH group, including managing the Christian Dior fashion business and the Moet & Chandon brand in Australia, Rachael established the Rachael Ruddick label.

Rachael had long recognised the potential of stunning Australian leathers, coveted by global fashion players, citing, “I just couldn’t believe the worlds most coveted leather from Australia had not been embraced in a fashion sense locally. Aside from the stunning core materials, I wanted to develop a brand which celebrated Australian style and our sense of attitude… and for these highly sought after elements to resonate from every piece”.

Evident in Ruddick’s collections are classic design references, inspired by a life of travel and an enduring appreciation of timeless style. Rachael lives and works by the ocean in beautiful Sydney, and is stirred by her environment each and every day.

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