Sara Phillips RAFW Preparation Diary

Sara Phillips may only be at the start of her career, but she's already making in-roads as one of the most promising commercial designers on the Australian market. Her cute party dresses and pretty prints are exactly what girls want hanging in their wardrobes, and as a result, the designer is already creating up to four ranges a year, and collaborating with the likes of Sportsgirl, and this season Ecco shoes.

We asked her to tell us a bit about her collection, and give us a rundown of her RAFW preparation process:

Our Summer 2011/12 collection is based on the beauty of our native Australian flora and fauna. We have taken inspiration from the harsh beauty of native flowers such as banksia, bottle brush and the waratah.

We have also examined reptiles and their beautifully detailed scales.  We took silhouettes from their form and colour and pattern from their skin.

It is a heavily print-focused collection with both hand-drawn as well as photographic offerings.

Here's a timeline of how it came together:

Finalised design concept - inspiration etc

Chose fabrics

Went to the flower markets, found more inspiration. Found some great native flowers that I could turn into some really beautiful prints

Started to hand draw our prints, so exciting seeing everything come together

We’ve got so many prints it’s hard to choose my favourite

Started to workshop our beading in India. We found some really interesting textures/beads/yarns, we think this will add another dimension to the collection

Started to digitally print our fabrics, I love how immediate the technology, it allows us to see our fabrics straight away

Just received some summer samples back for fashion week, all the colours and textures look amazing together. Some slight changes to be made but it’s all looking really good

Started our fashion week productions meetings. Trying to find a way to do something really different with the venue, I think this year is going to be really special. We are trying to mix up the layout a bit and make the set design come out into the audience space

Received all our good bag product today from all our amazing sponsors- Ecco, Bobby Brown, Redken- some really great product that I hope everyone gets excited about

Above image: Collection preview image and mood board exclusively for TheVine.

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